Promises made, Promises kept

As your Cerro Gordo County District 3 Supervisor since 2016 (now District 1), I have delivered on all my campaign promises.

I’m asking for your vote now in 2020 to keep this momentum moving forward.  

Here’s a list of accomplishments our Board has achieved in that time:

Board Director – Central Iowa Community Service – CICS – expanded services while at the same time saving 220,000.00 – This next year, total savings over $1 million. Forming one employer of record for CICS. Reducing the liability to the 22 county region

Board of Health Director – Hired new replacement – 5 years

Public Health Department relocated after the Mohawk Square roof collapse.

Eliminated the excessive retirement program adopted a few years back, saving the County taxpayers over 4 million dollars.

No other municipality had a program in the State

Board Director – Decategorization Governance Board – supported many programs under our new Director – Melissa Clough. 5 1/2 years

Cerro Gordo, Hancock, Winnebago, Worth County coalition enabling the well being of families with children, collaborative efforts involving education, health and human services programs on behalf of children, families and citizens within the area.

Board Director – North Iowa Children’s Alliance – coalition involving Hancock Cerro Gordo and Worth Counties. 5 1/2 years

Have attended every Planning & Zoning meeting the past 5 1/2 years.

Doing my homework before it comes to the Board of Supervisors

Attended all Board of Adjustment meetings the past 5 1/2 years.

Again, doing my homework before it reaches our office.

Have attended every County Conservation meeting the past 5 1/2 years

Understanding and supporting their efforts with the Board of Supervisors, to improve services, trails and programs to North Iowa.  More land donations to the County Conservation than in previous years.

Attended all North Iowa Fair Board meetings as they continue to improve the Fairgrounds, facilities, Fair and functions on the property. A lot of great success stories and renovations going on.  5 1/2 years

Kept my promise on refusing pay raises awarded the Supervisors consistently the past 30 plus years. Working to benefit the taxpayers, not my pocketbook.

Improved the County infrastructure, roads, bridges, culverts, drainage districts.

Improved infrastructure invites progress throughout the County.

Hired new County Engineer to see these improvements through; local individual familiar with Cerro Gordo County.

Utilizing old tanker cars to replace some bridge areas. Considerable cost savings, durability and adding longevity to these bridges, giving us the ability to do more with less money.

Purchased new trucks, road graters, etc. to continue the improvements while staying within the budget confines.

Finished a new County Engineering facility located next to The Law Enforcement Center. Combining three locations which will add to additional savings moving forward. Two new satellite facilities going up this summer in Ventura and Thornton.  Replacing World War II era facilities.

Proceeds from property sold, such as the old Highway Patrol building used to offset the costs while returning County property to the tax roles. Putting houses delinquent back on the tax rolls.

Lowered the tax levy repeatedly – 5 YEARS IN A ROW. I know, you say but my taxes went up. Look at the County portion, it went down.

Enacting new policies within the County Government to reduce waste. Reviewing contracts such as Rugs/towels, garbage, travel policies, etc. Big or small, adding to thousands of tax dollars saved!

Courthouse updates are always a struggle with an aging building that is difficult to secure properly in this day and age.

Ran twice and defeated by incumbent only to do what I do best, try and try again until I get the results. That’s the drive I have to do what’s best for the taxpayers. Hard work, going to every door in District 3 – THREE times. Meeting and listening to taxpayer concerns. And acting on them. Approximately over 1200  hours in these visits alone.

TERM LIMITS – Promise made not to exceed three terms; now halfway through

Primarily to this point, funded most all of my election campaigns.

When I receive road, bridge, drainage concerns — I go check, meet with the people and try to resolve. Follow through is very important to me.

Wind Energy-decommissioning 55 turbines south of Ventura, replacing with 16 turbines that produce the same amount of electricity. Thereby reducing our footprint.

Review ALL leases the County is obligated for, saving tens of thousands anually.

Re-did bond on the Law Enforcement Center saving $231,000.

Reviewing all Confined animal feeding operations-CAFO’s-manure mapping of the County and its relationship to communities, waterways, etc.

Updating ATV, golf cart ordinances

I also sit on both, County Conference & City Conference Boards – 5 1/2 years each.

Currently a Board member for the 2nd Judicial Board – 5 1/2 years.

I am honored to be part of this team of Supervisors, streamlining County operations and services while serving our citizens and saving them money.

Thinking outside the box.

Heading into the election of 2020, here are the main points of my campaign to join the Board of Supervisors:

Term Limits:

I promise when elected, that I will abide by this statement and Not surpass 3 terms in office.


I voted for a pay freeze from the beginning.
(We accomplished this during our very first meeting, January 10, 2017! See video:)

Section 24.17 spells out how to decline wage increases.

I’m not asking for a job, but to SERVE the citizens of Cerro Gordo County.

During this same period, our population has declined and Industries have been lost.

Board Appointments:

Any eligible person within the County would be invited to seek these appointments through public postings. Open to all county residents to apply.

Better Local Government Involvement:

Better working relationship with ALL the other communities in which we represent. Including the City Councils and Economic Development. Better fostering of ideas from within these entities.

Wind/Renewable Energy:

Many Counties surrounding Cerro Gordo have capitalized on Tax Increment Financing-TIF for short.

This funding source, has aided in new roads, bridges and general infrastructure.
Iowa is huge in this great source of energy, but not Cerro Gordo.
235 million wind farm in Franklin County in 2011 along with a 1.9 Billion project announced in August of 2013.

And Governor Branstad announced April 15th of 2016, a 3.6 BILLION dollar turbine project. This itself is being hailed as the largest economic development project in Iowa’s history.

Currently Iowa’s 2 largest wind farms are in our neighboring Counties.

I would like to see Cerro Gordo County taking part in this huge project, benefiting the workforce, property owners on which the wind farms are located and also promoting clean renewable energy sources.

The problems come from absent landowners who do not care about their neighbors.  More restrictions need to be put in place.

Reviewing Lease Agreements:

Review all lease agreements entered into with private firms to increase the bottom line for the budget.

More Transparency:

Added public comment to board agendas.

Business done before the public there by avoiding more Open Meeting law violations.

This would also engage more input from you the citizens.

Town Hall Meetings–in all of the communities in Cerro Gordo County.  I have participated in several in our rural areas so far.

Regionalization of Services:

Whether it be sharing services with other communities in the county or with adjoining Counties.

Not necessarily cutting jobs, but becoming more efficient with the day to day business charged the elected officials.

Review Our Waterways:

Currently started with Shell Rock River watershed management.

Huge issue we are faced with. Staying abreast of the growing water safety concerns affecting us for many years to come.